Falcon 300 terminal

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Falcon 300

terminal developed
for Inmarsat

Falcon 300 offers significant advantages over existing GX technology and is the only solution taking full advantage of the next generation GX+ network. It is also compatible with several affiliated Ka networks.

Flat panel antenna array and integrated low profile radome provides significant weight and drag savings versusa traditional gimbal antenna.

Product Features

The Falcon 300 terminal consists of a Ka-band mechanical phased array antenna,
and a purpose-built dual modem MODMAN (modem manager).
The cabin distribution network (the wireless LAN) integrates several cabin wireless access points
Eight times more efficient antenna design than older generation gimbaled antennas
Operates at full power in the equatorial region
Only solution operational on the Inmarsat GX+ North America Network
Tested and improved during over 18 million flight hours
Low-profile radome provides significant improvement in drag effeciency and fuel burn
Mulit-modem design allows seamless switching between networks
Stellar Blu's software management platform
provides a dashboard of real-time usage and performance metrics, allowing airlines to better customize the passenger experience as well as manage maintenance activities.

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